Time around all process will be around 1 month." /> Time around all process will be around 1 month.">

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What is the selection procedure for certified tutor?

Any one can become certified tutor by clearing below mentioned 4 steps:
1. Screening Test : Its a 30 minute MCQ based test. All question will be based on their grade standard. All instructions will be displayed before starting test on screen.
2. Main Test : After qualifying screening test, subject based test will be conduted by our experts. It will be within 15 days of screening test.
3. Training : Our trainer will provide training to use online teaching panel and white board tools as well as the other details which will be helpful to teach Indian students as well as US & UK students.
4. Certification Test : TutorArc management team will finalize candidate as an International certified tutor. After final selection, tutor account will be created and online tutoring will be start from tutor side.
Time around all process will be around 1 month.